“The kids enjoyed his style and were able to carry his message forward in their lives. He is a genuine man who serves the interests of young people in a marvelous fashion.“
– Richard Campbell, principal Sacred Heart School, Calgary


“This highly interactive show provides a very powerful message to the audience and raises student awareness about the dangers of smoking in a most creative and entertaining way.”
– Danny Conway, principal Ste. Anne School, Cornwall


“The students were very involved and very enthusiastic during the whole performance. Everything was presented at their level and made them realize the importance of not smoking.”
– Sylvie Bedard, former principal St. Finnan’s Catholic School, Alexandria


“The show made a big impact on me – particularly by showing me how much it would cost to be a regular smoker. I’m a non-smoker today and seeing Steve’s show played a role in influencing that decision.”
– Cayla Prudhomme, high school student and a non-smoker for life